Program: South Africa Summer 2016

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We want to bridge the education gap caused by the difference in the standard of education offered by the private and public schooling sector. Encouraging a love for learning and a tradition for life-long learning amongst the youth. To ensure that students catch up on the backlog of mathematical, scientific and economic knowledge. We want to enhance learning by giving students additional and more interactive resources away from class through videos. To make a difference in our corner of the world.


We are looking at creating a video on demand application that will help learners in high school, particularly first year students, with their difficult courses. The application will supply learners with tutorial videos on the specific subjects and test the learners on what they have learned through generative questions. These videos will also be downloadable via the application for offline viewing. Students will also be able to contact the tutors through the application. More features will be added further on like rewarding students for participation.