Program: South Africa Summer 2016

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Nonthando, an upcoming investment manager at her workplace. She is excited that she might be due for promotion. Today’s meeting with the Group CEO and is her chance to shine and make her mark. The meeting is scheduled to take place from 2:00pm to 3:30 pm. She did not make any other arrangements to collect her child-Junior from school since the meeting ends at 3:30pm. Alas! The meeting takes longer than expected. She realizes she has no plan B and once again she is not going to make it in time to pick up Junior. Nonthando is stuck and Junior stranded!

Our platform-Thuma, is a dynamic mobile App that will instantly connect Nonthando with on demand scholar transport providers to pick up Junior when she is stuck in her busy world or needs a little bit of "me" time at the spa. We are her perfect plan B and her personal mobile concierge!


Thuma is SA’s first dynamic on demand scholar transport platform that matches busy parents with instant on-demand drivers within locality and proximity to their kids who need to be transported. "We are the Uber & ADT of kids in transit and a parents personal mobile concierge (Thuma)!" Our dynamic product features offer convenience, easy access & flexibility to our users. We have employed hi-tech algorithms & safety features on our platform to ensure the peace of mind of our users and that every kid arrives home safe.