Program: South Africa Summer 2016

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Unemployment in South Africa is at 26.7%, the country's biggest issue. Job Searching often leaves South Africans unsure of where they can find jobs and whether they are qualified enough to do them. Clockwork is a mobile on demand jobs platform that aims to solve unemployment through connecting under skilled South Africans and companies with quick, easy jobs and, in turn, reliable employees. We guarantee employers the best employees through our 'XP Score', a disruptive solution involving quantification of job performance, meaning employers save time as there is no need for CV's and interviews.


Clockwork connects people with quick and easy jobs, and employers with reliable staff. No CVs. No interviews. Instant jobs. Instant payment. We want to unify South Africa and see wealth, knowledge and experience infuse together across the rainbow nation. Become part of a recruitment revolution, as it unfolds like Clockwork.