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The objective of the application is to provide a platform where users can quickly and easily identify mild illnesses. A treatment is also provided with over-the-counter (OTC) medication if the condition is safe to be self-treated. This will save people time so they can be more productive with their days.

We are a group of three Engineering students at Wits passionate about optimizing solutions for South Africa.

We will initially target a market segment of 18-35 year old's, in order to get a broader spectrum market buy-in. This is coupled with buy-in which will come through crowd sourcing of doctors to instill trust in the product.


OTC aims to be the simplest and most user-friendly self-diagnosing medical application and is backed by doctors.
It is designed with recommendations specific to the South African market. This app can either be used to diagnose ones self or another by selecting symptoms from a list to produce probable causes and the required treatment for each cause.
OTC is user friendly for anyone to use, but kids probably get Mum or Dad to do it for you.